Looking for an easy and affordable way to promote your business? Try Vine. You can use this video-sharing app to create six-second videos to captivate your audience. We shared Six Reasons to Use Vine for Your Business in part one of this guide. In part two, we explain everything you need to know in Getting Started: How to Use Vine for Your Business. In this third and final part, we give you five ideas along with several examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Here are five ways Vine can work to promote your business:

1. Ask customers to participate in a Vine competition

Vine has become an everyday tool, which means your customers are likely familiar with it. Why not ask your customers or clients to produce a video for you?

Consider creating a Vine competition that encourages customers to create a video that showcases your product or brand in some way.

For example, Disney created a competition that asked its fans to show how much they loved Disney Parks with its “Vine Your Disney Side” competition. Users had to submit their Vine by a certain deadline and use the hashtag #DisneySideCompetition. Cash prizes were given away, along with a chance for one winner to work with Disney to create a series of videos.

Here is one of the submissions.

This kind of competition generates what marketers call “user-generated content,” which you can use to market your business. Put the winning video on your website, ask Facebook fans to vote for their favorite, and tweet new submissions as they come in. The promotions are endless.

2. Show off a new product or service

Planning to launch a new product or service? A Vine is a great, quick way to give your audience a sneak peek.

For example, eBay introduced a new delivery service with a Vine. With eBay Now, customers can shop and get their orders delivered within an hour. The e-commerce giant created two videos. The first video revealed the new service, and the second outlined the area that can utilize the new delivery feature. Both are simple, yet creative videos.

3. Create a timeline

Consider creating a timeline that showcases the evolution of your business, product or logo.

Adidas used the timeline idea to show the evolution of the FIFA World Cup soccer ball. Take a look at the example and consider trying something similar for your business.

4. Make a connection to a current event

When a current event or trending topic rolls around, capitalize on its popularity by connecting it to your product or brand. For example, when Opening Day of baseball is around the corner, make a vine that combines America’s favorite pastime with your business.

Don’t limit yourself to sporting events. Any current event will work. Volkswagen, for example, made a Vine during Discovery’s Shark Week. Check out this Vine.

5. Show your product in a clever way

Some might say you can’t be creative in six seconds, but the limited amount of time is exactly what encourages creativity.

Need an idea? Try to show customers how to use your product in a different way. Post the video on your social channels and encourage customers to comment and explain how they use your product.

Or, just make a cool video that has your product in it. Samsung created a clever video that showcases several of its smartphones. An animated basketball player moves through various phones. Check it out.

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