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When it comes to formatting your images, is there really much of a difference between a JPEG, GIF, or PNG? Turns out, there is! Luckily, created a handy infographic explaining the differences. Learn each image file type’s history, pronunciation, best usage, and capabilities. Never get caught pronouncing GIF with a hard “G,” or using a JPEG in place of a PNG again.

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Image File Cheat Sheat: When to Use JPEG, GIF and PNG

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  • Colleen Corkery

    Hi Pamela!

    I agree. I print out infographics occasionally by right clicking, saving the image to my desktop, opting to print and choosing “Tabloid” as the paper size (11×17) – You obviously need some larger paper on hand. Hope that helps!



  • Pamela Richards

    I really like infographics but have one pet peeve. When we come across one we can use as a cheat sheet such as this one we can’t print it out or copy and paste due to the distortion. Why oh why can’t they be printed for our quick reference.

    I have bookmarked this page but it would be great to print it out.

    Thanks for such an informative and very useful post.

  • Colleen Corkery

    Thanks for reading and sharing Michelle!


  • Michelle

    Eeks, i wish i had seen this infographic before we did our live training on how to create GIF images using a free tool we found online.

    We’ll be pinning this..


    PS. I didn’t know GIF is pronounced “Jif”.. 🙂

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