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Instagram has officially jumped on the ‘social media is for businesses, too’ bandwagon. This week, the image-based social site with more than 200 million users worldwide, has announced a new suite of tools and real-time campaign data “to help brands better understand the performance of their paid and organic content on Instagram.”

The tools available for businesses will include:

  • Account insights – Impressions, reach and engagement analytics
Instagram Rolls out New Tools for Businesses

Image courtesy of Instagram

  • Ad insights – Paid campaign performance including impressions, reach and frequency analytics
  • Ad staging – The ability to preview, save and collaborate on create for future ads

Instagram states they’re currently making the tools available for all Instagram advertisers in order to gain feedback, and will be rolling out the features for all other businesses in the next few weeks and months.

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  • john owens

    We have considered Instagram but as far as we could see it can only be uploaded to from a smartphone.

    We want to do so from a pc.


  • Colleen Corkery

    Hey Krystel,

    That’s awesome! Surely these new tools will be even more handy for you. Thanks for reading.



  • Krystel Spell

    There are several subscription box companies whose primary method of business is Instagram. I run an online clothing boutique and have done several thousands of dollars in sales in a month because of it.

  • Colleen Corkery

    Hey Dave!

    Thanks for reading. We wrote a blog post last year featuring a vintage furniture shop in Cincinnati who’s had success using Instagram. Check it out:



  • Dave

    Hi Colleen. Great article. It’s interesting to see Instagram roll out business tools, but I haven’t really heard of any success stories of reach via instagram, as it tends to be more of a closed network. If you could share any insights that you may have seen, that would be great?

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