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There’s a slick new update coming to Google Maps that’s going to make some big changes to the search functions. Google has been pressing the importance of mobile and Google+ log in for the past few months and this new map update should help drive it home. A few of the major changes are going to have a big impact on local search, but will it be enough to kill it off? Watch this video to help you stay on top of the big changes and get some great tips.


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  • Rob Parker

    Google+ does not seem to be going away. Granted the product could be a little more user-friendly, but those who learn to use Google + will prevail as it will soon be integrated with all Google products rather than just Google Maps

  • Ian McKendrick

    Thank you for sharing those great insights on how Google Maps search results may impact local business searches in the future, much appreciated 🙂
    Looking forwards to your next insight already!

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