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Ever wonder what we do with your feedback? We love hearing about how you use VerticalResponse, and what else you’d like to be able to do with our product. So, we take your feedback, put it together, and chat with our engineers and product designers about how we can implement features to help you achieve your goals.

Based on your recent feedback, we’ve added sign up form functionality to the new VerticalResponse. In addition to uploading lists from your computer or VR integrations you use, now you can use Sign up forms help you grow your list and expand your email marketing. Sign up forms give you an easy way to collect high-quality, opted-in email addresses for the mailing list(s) in your VR account.

So, what requests did we implement?

  • Web hosted sign up forms. You create a sign up form in your VR account in just a few clicks. We host your form on a landing page (for free) and automatically add the email addresses to your list.
  • Custom sign up form URLs. Encourage people to sign up for your mailing list on your website or Facebook and Twitter pages. We’ll give you a customized link to your page to share anywhere. Put it on your business cards so people can sign up later!
  • Lead collection. Use your sign up form as a lead collection tool. When you create a sign up form, you tell us which mailing list the email address should be added to. Create a “Leads” list in VR so you can follow up with website visitors who want specific info.
  • Templates. You put a lot of thought into what your emails look like, and you want your sign up forms to look just as good. We’ve created sign up form templates that match the email templates found in VR. We’ve also thrown in a few extra designs, or you can customize font colors to match your branding.
  • Thank you pages. Just like with the form itself, we’ll help you create a thank you page and host it for you. This is a great place to tell your new subscribers when then can expect to hear from you!
  • Responsive designs. We know that your customers and potential customers are on-the-go and often rely on their smartphones or tablets. All of our sign up forms will look great no matter the screen size. This is called responsive design, and our email templates are responsive, too.

List growth

Keeping a clean, healthy list is very important. To stay on the safe side of anti-spam laws, including Canada’s new anti-spam legislation, all addresses collected via a sign up form require a double opt in. Don’t worry – we take care of that for you! Here’s how it works: someone enters their email address on your sign up form and submits it. VR then sends a confirmation email to that address with a link that must be clicked. Only after the link is clicked will the email address be mailable through your account. At this point, the new subscriber will also be able to subscribe to any public mailing lists you have.

Best of all, sign up pages are free with your VR account.

Need a refresher course on sign up forms? Check out our recent blog post.

Log in and give sign up forms a spin. Let us know what you think!

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  • Jill Bastian


    I found a VR Classic account for you set up under this same email address, so it looks like you already have one. Right now there’s no way to convert one type of account to another, you would need to create a new account. If you’re looking to move to VR2 we’ll start doing that early next year, but right now we don’t have the tools to move your data over to the new system. You can move your lists over, but you wouldn’t be able to see any of your sent emails or stats. You’ll also need to set up your new account with a different email address than the one you’re using for your VR classic account. If this all seems like a hassle, just wait a few months and we’ll have everything in place to do all this for you!

    Jill Bastian

  • Cozmo Travel

    Hi, how can I convert a Vertical Response new account (vr2) to Vertical Response Classic?

  • Kim Stiglitz

    Hi Ann! So glad you asked! You can currently use our VerticalResponse Classic product to embed a signup form and we are launching this feature very soon in the new VerticalResponse. We’ll be sure to let you know via our Product Blog when it goes live!
    Cheers & thanks!

  • Ann Ezzell

    I’m using the new version of VR, but I want to embed the form in my web site. Is that not possible?

  • Jennifer Sherwood

    Hi there. Yes, sign up forms are available in VR Classic as well! To find them, click on “Lists” in the blue navigation bar at the top of your account. “Opt-in Forms” (that’s what they’re called in VR Classic) are the third choice in the menu.


  • Colleen Corkery

    Hi Lori!

    Please contact our support team and they’ll be able to get you up and running in no time!



  • AH Nielsen

    This feature – is that only available in VR2 – and not in the original, VR classic version? I can find it under my test profile (VR2), but on in the classic profile we’re using at work.
    It’s a real shame if that’s the case. When are you going to make all the new fancy things available to us who use the classic version? So far I have been told that the new VR has not been rolled out as some things are missing compared to classic version – though I don’t know what.

  • Lori Ajamian, MEd

    Please sign me up for your service. I tried to login as it was mentioned that I had an account already, yet, I couldn’t access it or retrive a password for it.

    Thank you.


  • Jill Bastian

    Hi Peter,

    To create a new sign up form you have to link it to a list. The system won’t let you move beyond the set up page unless you either select a list or create a new one. If you click on the name of a list on the Contacts you should see a tab that says Sign Up Forms, click that to see what forms feed into that list.

  • Peter

    Signup form doesn’t seem to be able to be tied to an existing list! How do we do this??

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