Do Kids & Puppies Rule?As an active social media participant and contributor, we are always interested in seeing what our fans and followers respond to when we post and share new content.

To shake things up a bit from our usual marketing and small business related posts, we recently shared some content about one of our employees getting married. A few days later we posted about our employee’s kids who were visiting the office for National Take Your Daughters & Sons to Work Day. The next day, our new puppy visited the office and we posted his picture on our Facebook page. What happened? Take a look at the responses below…

VR Facebook Post - Marriage

VR Facebook Post with Kid

VR Facebook Post with Dog

Lo and behold these posts had more social engagement (measured via likes and comments) than the rest of the content we posted all week! What does this mean? Should we ditch relevant content in favor of cute pics of kids and puppies? Nah. What this tells us is that relevancy still rules, but from time to time it is definitely OK and totally acceptable to share something a little unexpected and fun with your followers. Giving them a sneak peek into your offices, or sharing some happy employee news, is a great way to show that there are actually people behind your company (and remember, people buy from people). It’s called social media for a reason, right? And sharing some unexpected content gives you a chance to show the personal side of your company and let the personality shine through.

What posts have gotten you the best social media engagement? I’d love to hear!

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