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We’re very excited to announce that Social Sharing and the Email Archive are live! These are the first of many new free features we’re launching for VerticalResponse customers this year. To access social sharing, click on one of your sent emails to access the reporting dashboard. You’ll now see Share Email in the Actions menu on the left. You can create an archived version of your email to post on Facebook, Twitter, your website, or wherever you like.

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Watch a short video, login to your account, and see for yourself how easy it is to expand the reach of your email on Facebook and Twitter. Tell us what you think of the new Social Sharing and Email Archive features!

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  • MV, tech blogger

    I should have seen this earlier and tested this tool while in beta. This is very helpful.

  • virtual sales person

    As a virtual sales person I can be only glad that social media sharing is live.

  • andrew social media bennetts

    Thanks for the example on the video, using your emails is of course one more piece of content that you can put out to your followers.

  • @RossPR The Social Media Guy

    Nice tool, but is there a way to track the sharing. I’m always looking for a way to measure my online effort and ran across this article.

  • Chuin

    hi McKenzie,just saw your post about Facebook Connect.
    The link feature to share your VerticalResponse email in facebook is completely different from the Facebook Connect tool that is offered by Facebook for its API users. You may want to check with Facebook support about its full functionality. Have you tried clearing your browser cookies?

  • McKenzie Ward

    When I try and do Facebook connect it is pulling up my personal facebook account instead of my company’s FB account where I want my email posted. How do I get around this?

  • Jenna Jantsch

    Annie –
    I love your suggestion but I have something you can do in the mean time. If you link your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, it’s on your LinkedIn profile page. Then you can add #li to your tweet and it will post to both Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Annie McQuilken

    How about linked-in?


    Love the new Social Sharing tool – but there isn’t a way to monitor the results like other sent emails. Please add this in – and the tool will really reap the benefits.
    – How many clicks?
    – Retweets?
    – Graphs
    – Charts

  • Charles Yan

    This is good stuff. I”ll recommend this to my clients.

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