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Email marketing is a great way to keep your company, products or service in front of your customers. But this time of year the inbox starts to get pretty crowded. How, then, do you get your customers’ attention without breaking the bank? Postcards! VerticalResponse offers a postcard feature, and yes, it’s a real postcard sent through the USPS, not an e-card. Here are some holiday inspired ideas to get you started with direct mail postcards: Anniversary Open House

Give Thanks: Use this as an opportunity to give thanks to your customers for supporting your business. It’s been shown that a simple “thanks” goes a long way toward increasing customer loyalty. Your customers will thank you in return by patronizing your company this holiday shopping season. You can go one step further and have a special “Pre-holiday” or Holiday Thank You open house and invite your customers to visit your business for some socializing and refreshments. And maybe a special deal or two.

Stand out from the crowd: Since inboxes are pretty crowded this time of year, try sending a postcard to entice your customers to shop with you. Include special gifts or new products that your customers may want to know you offer. Or include gift card or stocking stuffer ideas for those last minute shoppers. Include a URL where your recipients can find the products you offer on the postcard. If you don’t have a website they can shop at, ask them to bring in the postcard for a special deal on the product or service. As a bonus, you’ll know how many people responded to the postcard offer if you ask them to do this.

Celebrate the holidays!

Service Reminders: Not all businesses offer products for sale, but this time of year is great for service-oriented companies. Let your customers know you are there for them, especially during the holiday season. Whether you have a plumbing, gardening, catering, restaurant or spa business, you offer services that are a must this time of year. A holiday party wouldn’t be the same if the plumbing didn’t work, so let your customers know ahead of time that your company is there when they need you.

Gingerbread Man

Bounced email address: Start the New Year off right with updated email addresses. If you had some email addresses bounce in the last few months try sending a postcard to get your recipients to update their information. Ask them to go to your website, call or visit. You can even try offering a 10% discount on services or products if they give you their new address.


Save The Date: Keep in mind there are mailing deadlines because postcards need to be printed and mailed through the USPS. To ensure your postcard arrives when it should, click the launch button by these dates:

Calendar Dates

And, between November 1 – November 20th you will get 10% off your postcard purchase, automatically!

These are just a few examples of how postcards can boost your holiday business. How do you plan to use postcards this year?

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  • Martin | Postcard Marketing Australia

    Postcards work great… although everyone can read what you write on them (and if it’s personal)… at this time of year maybe a greeting card is better… but postcards are still the perfect tool to reach people and get the word out there about you and your business. Well done… Martin

  • Alex Cronfield

    I think greeting cards are more personal than emails. If you take your time and start during the summer and personalize each one – the person receiving would appreciate it.

  • Jay Stoelting

    Of all the “noise” out there on the web, I find this site/blog so consistently in tune with the market that I really enjoy receiving these timely tips, such as your post card notice.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Erica | Direct Mail Los Angeles

    I think it is still important to send out your greeting using mail… although technology really help us evolved our means of communication but nothing bits the feeling of receiving something from the mail.

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