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Our director of MarComm, Alf, recently purchased a new lamp from his local Lamps Plus store. At checkout, they asked him if he would like to get an email confirmation when the lamp arrived at the store, so he would know when to come and pick it up. Alf said yes. That’s when the trouble for Lamps Plus began…

Lamps Plus

The next day Alf received a marketing message from Lamps Plus. The day after that he got another. And the next, and the next. Uh-oh! Alf was still waiting for the promised email confirmation, but instead was getting barraged with marketing messages and sales offers. This is a classic email marketing no-no. When someone signs up for your list you enter into an agreement with them. In this case, Alf opted in to receive a confirmation. What he wasn’t told is that he would be getting daily marketing messages (Daily? Really? How many lamps does one person need anyway?).

The crux of successful email marketing is to establish a relationship with your subscribers by delivering them what you promised. It is vitally important that you communicate what you intend to send and how often. When you break that trust, your subscribers will lash back by unsubscribing, or worse, by reporting your messages as spam, which can damage your sending reputation.

So, do the right thing and deliver what you promised. Otherwise you may find yourself in the dark with your subscribers like Lamps Plus because you better believe Alf is no longer on their list.

What do you think?

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  • Ximena Normand

    Ximena Normand

    Im obliged for the blog.Much thanks again. Great.

  • Martin | Postcard Marketing Australia

    Yes LampsPlus are obviously not doing anything with the email side of things…they should have a “prospects” list, a “buyers” list and so forth… separate the email lists so the wrong people don’t get hammered with unwanted emails. Sounds like the guy just went straight into their general “marketing” list which does happen. A lot of brick and mortar businesses aren’t quite web savvy yet… (a perfect opportunity for all you online marketers to help them with!) Thanks – martin

  • SEO


    It’s so annoying to see how some brand treat their customers!

  • Eve


    I think Lamp Plus is paying someone a ton of money to help with their marketing and probably has no idea that the marketing manager or outsourced company is turning off their customers. Maybe Alf should mention it to them?

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