Jo Large, our PR person here at VerticalResponse, got a great package this week from a company called Vocus, an online PR Software company we don’t currently use. Jo had recently downloaded a white paper from their site in December, even though we use a competitive company we like called Cision.

Because of her action, they sent her a really great gift, cookies disguised as flowers in a flower box. She loved the idea so much, she paraded the box around the office telling people how cool she thought this idea was (especially since she’s not much into flowers.)

The letter they attached was short, simple and one of the sentences tied the gift to the call-to-action:

“Don’t miss out on this sweet opportunity – experience what Vocus can do for you! Please call us to take a demo of our software today.”

It sure got Jo’s attention, she’s got a demo set up with them to look at a few features she doesn’t currently get.The only thing she would change is include more contact detail on the letter. They only included the name of a contact, website and a phone number to call — no email address or Twitter handle. There are probably a lot of people who would prefer to respond via email. They also could have thanked her for downloading their white paper to tie it back to why she’s getting the gift.

This is also a perfect opportunity for Vocus to do an outbound call or email marketing campaign to ask if their recipients had received their gift and open the door for a meeting.

So not only did Vocus get some positive word-of-mouth, they also got a meeting set up and a potential sale. All in all, a great idea for a B2B marketing campaign. Comment if you’ve got any ideas that have worked in the past.

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