ChristmasAs much as we love the holidays for the opportunity to spread cheer, participate in festivities, share warm fuzzy moments and declare what we’re thankful for, we can’t deny these later months are also characterized by holiday-themed marketing. So the question remains, how do we jump ahead of the curve and seize the opportunity to entice consumer spending with the perfect winter wonderland special? We’ve got the answer!

Don’t Be a Scrooge: Nothing gets us more into the holiday spending spirit than browsing through our favorite department store to the sound of winter wonderland and scent of evergreen. The same concept applies to browsing bookmarked websites or receiving an email from our favorite senders. No matter your online location, don’t be a scrooge when it comes to holiday theming. So get in the spirit and include a festive graphic in your newsletter, craft holiday-themed subject lines, or apply a seasonal color scheme to your homepage to get your customers excited for the next holiday. Their cheery mood will have a positive impact on your brand and overall revenue.

‘Tis the Season of Giving: The holiday season is characterized by higher spending rates and more shopping, but that doesn’t mean your customers, clients and prospects aren’t looking to save a few dollars in the process. Providing a two-for-one deal, a discount on your annual renewal, a percentage off setup or subscription fees, free shipping, or a credit to your existing customers’ account will go a long way and boost your business’ earnings this holiday season.

Give Thanks: It’s the time to give thanks, and one of the most effective methods for creating and keeping loyal customers is expressing an appreciation for their business. This can be achieved through something as simple as a sending a thank you email or postcard. Thanking your clients and customers for their patronage without asking for something in return will not only make them feel important, but it will shed a positive light on your brand and keep you top of mind over your competitors.

Get a head start on your holiday marketing and don’t be afraid to start early. Extending the season’s theme will not only maximize holiday benefits for your business but it will keep you present (pun intended) and set you apart from your lagging competitors.

Thanks for reading! We hope these holiday tips help you keep-up the cheer and remain jolly this holiday season. Also, visit our Everything Holiday site – the ultimate destination for all your holiday email marketing and social media efforts.

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